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    My name is Cam F Awesome. I’m the #1 heavyweight boxer in the country, multiple-time national champion, Athlete Rep on the Board of Directors for USA Boxing, and a motivational speaker.

    I was recently featured in the Netflix Original “CounterPunch”, which shed light on the lack of funding of inner-city boxing programs. My goal is to bring funding and awareness to boxing gyms around the country. I have developed a boxing-themed motivational workshop to fix these two issues.

    The USA Boxing LBC (Local Boxing Clubs) is a nonprofit and will distribute the funds amongst the boxing programs in it’s Chapter.

    On August 5th, I will be conducting a “Focus of a Fighter” Workshop at Victory Boxing Gym in Omaha. Would your organization like to share this event with it’s members?

    If this is something you believe many of your members would be interested in, I can conduct an exclusive workshop for your members.

    The boxing-themed motivational workshop will include:

    1. 30 minute motivational speech of positivity, perspective, personal accountability, and resilience.
    2. 15 minute intro to boxing teaching simple fundamentals.
    3. 45 minute boxing workout class
    4. Glove up and get in the ring to spar for 60 seconds with the #1 heavyweight in the country. (I don’t throw punches back)

    Here is the event.

    Here is a video of one of my most recent workshop in Kansas City on July 15th.


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