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Rotella’s Italian Bakery

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Located at 6949 S. 108th Street (108th and Harrison Streets) is Rotella’s Italian Bakery. A fifth generation bakery business that began in Calabria, Italy in 1850, Rotella’s has built a reputation based upon quality and service. Established in Omaha in 1921, Rotella’s specializes in fresh, nutritious breads and rolls. Rotella’s operates a outlet store at their bakery, where fresh-baked rolls, buns, hoagies and specialty breads such as Ciabatta bread may be purchased. Our family tradition is to order Rotella bread bowls from the outlet store and to serve an assortment of soups before attending Christmas eve worship services at church. It is so much fun to eat the tasty bowls! Our grandson’s food allergies include both milk and eggs. Amazingly, Rotella’s breads do not rely on these products. We love the smell of fresh-baked goods at the bakery. Check out their outlet store & Happy Motoring!

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