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Alpine Inn Omaha

November 17th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Alpine InnLocated at 10405 Calhoun Road in North Omaha, just North of the I-680 & 30th Street exit, is the Alpine Inn.  The Alpine Inn is well known among Omaha locals for its deep fat fried chicken, and also for the critters that frequent the establishment: Raccoons! Alpine guests report that the owners toss the chicken bones out for the raccoons to consume, providing dining entertainment. Wishing to confirm this oft repeated urban legend, my friend and I visited the Alpine Inn. We each had a 4 piece chicken dinner with a soft drink. The fryers were full, so we had a brief wait. While we waited, we checked out the well-stocked bar, the pickle card machines, and the dining area in the back of the restaurant, where several tables were neatly aligned adjacent the large “viewing” windows. We did not see the raccoons because they do not show up until after dusk. Nocturnal… Duh! In any event, the chicken was good (but not great) and the servers were friendly. If cleanliness is important to your dining experience, choose another destination. But for a good beer, good chicken, and crude entertainment give Alpine a try. Call (402) 451-9988 for hours and Happy Motoring!

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  1. fattmann
    October 9th, 2011 at 14:07 | #1

    Came across this review while looking up the address for Apline Inn. This place has the best (read:greasiest) chicken in Omaha, bar none.

    And whats with the Stab in the gut about cleanliness?? It’s a hole in the wall bar, in the middle of the forest, in Ponca Hills….. It’s not Dirty, it’s just not a restaurant in Regency.

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