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With 4 Omaha locations at 17304 Davenport Street, 8714 Pacific Street, 2055 N. 120th Street and 3320 Farnam Street, Cold Stone Creamery is well positioned to sell a lot of ice cream, cakes, smoothies and shakes to satisfy Omaha’s sweet tooth. An international franchise, Cold Stone has store is 17 countries in addition to its U.S. locations. I and my team from work visited the Midtown Crossing location of Cold Stone Creamery. The workers there were friendly and engaging. They even sang songs in appreciation of the tips guests left for them. The store was meticulously clean and spacious which we greatly appreciated.  And, the cake and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory candy displays were arranged to tempt customers to buy, buy, buy. If you want to cool off on a hot Omaha afternoon try Cold Stone.  Happy Motoring!

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