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After a brief stop at the Crescent Moon with my co-workers, Chris and Zach, my wife Jodeen and I headed to Village Point in West Omaha to check out brix.  Located just off N. 170th Street, brix is a one-of-a-kind wine, beer and spirits store that offers a wine bar lounge area, learning events, and casual shopping. Pronounced “Bricks”, the establishment takes it’s name from the measurement scale used in evaluating the sugar content of foods and beverages. With over 900 in-store selections to choose from, as well as expensive and in-expensive offerings, brix markets to a broad spectrum of consumers.  Our greeter and assistant, Brenda, was knowledgeable and friendly.  We lounged for awhile and enjoyed a glass of wine.  Meat and cheese trays can be purchased for approximately $10.  Store hours are located under the brix site link above.

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